Since so many of you who read my blogs are my friends, and so many of you are asking how our first day of school went, I thought I’d answer you all here instead of retyping it in 12 different emails. 🙂

Ethan's 1st Day of Mother's Day Out

Many of you know that we decided to put my 3 year old, Ethan, into a local Mother’s Day Out program this Fall so that Kate and I would have some time together to be able to concentrate on school work without being interrupted by little brother every 5 minutes. So, Ethan started yesterday at Mother’s Day Out at the church around the corner from us – it’s also where Kate went last year and loved it. He has a huge class of about 12 kiddos his age and 2 teachers. They said he did great and only got weepy at nap time when they wanted to help him take his shoes off. He, of course, would have NO one touching his new shoes and got defensive and whiny for mommy at that point. Too funny what kiddos will get hung up on, huh? Other than that, he seemed to have had a great day and he said he liked it and had fun. His favorite? The kitchen play area. Hmm. Do we have a future chef on our hands? Read more →