Our school days are Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9:30am, when we return from dropping off Ethan at Mother’s Day Out. Each bullet point is a 5-15 minute period of time.


  • Mommy’s book club
  • Errand, cleaning day


  • Pledge
    Weather: Record temperature, outside conditions
    Calendar: Write out weekly schedule
  • Phonics:
    • Short I vowel sound with “ind” and “ild” Crossword Puzzle- Barbie Phonics (pg 15)
    • Short and Long I vowel sounds – Phonics Educational Workbook (pgs 6-7)
  • Math: Addition sentences – Disney Princess Addition and Subtraction (pgs 7-8)
  • Science: We had a very strong thunderstorm system blow through the last few days, so Kate requested to learn more about storms.
  • Literature: Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson by Johnny Gruelle
  • Lunch (1hr)
  • Literature: Kate’s choice
  • Independent Reading/Rest Time