Our school days are Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9:30am, when we return from dropping off Ethan at Mother’s Day Out. Each bullet point is a 5-15 minute period of time.

This is our last week of school before we take a break for the summer months. Although we are ALWAYS learning (and will be going many places, including the Cockrell Butterfly Center!), we will not be doing ‘formal’ lessons for the next couple of months. So, I wanted to use this week to wrap up our lapbook and then do an end-of-year evaluation with Kate to assess where to start again next school year.


  • Mommy’s book club
  • Errand, cleaning day
  • Observe caterpillars and milkweed.


  • Pledge
    Weather: Record temperature, outside conditions
    Calendar: Write out weekly schedule
  • Butterfly Lapbook

    • Continue copywork of The Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti. (Handwriting)
    • Paint My Butterfly Symmetry. We found that the paint needs to be watery and wet when you fold over the butterfly to make a print on the other half. Our first attempt was too sticky and wound up tearing the paper.
  • Lunch (1hr)
  • Read first two sections of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, retold by Naomi Lewis.
  • Independent Reading/Rest Time


  • Story time at the Library (11:30 am)
  • Turn in old and check out new books (12:00 pm)
  • Lunch (1hr)
  • Outdoor Play (1hr)
  • Literature: Library Books



  • Nature Walk