Today we were finally able to dig back into our Human Body Unit Study. One of the great things about homeschooling, is that when life gets crazy (as it inevitably does), you can postpone school until a better time.

We started today by watching a School House Rock video about the skeleton. What I loved about this video is that it reminded us of what we’d already learned about the skeletal system, but at the very end added in tendons and muscles. After it was over, we reviewed the names of the bones we had learned, and then I was able to bring up the idea of tendons attaching muscles to those bones, based on what they’d just seen in the video. (Besides, who doesn’t love a School House Rock video, anyway?)

Next I read them a section out of the Muscles chapter in “Brown Paper School book: Blood and Guts“, by Linda Allison. This was a great introduction to the concept of how muscles work by contracting and relaxing, and how muscles work in teams. For example, the author asks the reader to try moving his hand off of his shoulder using only the bicep. This is, of course, impossible as contracting your bicep only makes your fore arm come closer to your shoulder. The only way to get your arm back down is to use the corresponding muscle of your tricep. The kids loved this mini-experiment and then tried to feel their leg muscles working, too.

We’ll study more about muscles another day, especially since this book has all sorts of great little mini-experiments and easy-to-understand information about the different body systems. Today was just a ‘whet their appetite” kind of short lesson.