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My 5-year-old is an artist. She loves to color. She loves to draw. She loves to paint. She loves to cut and paste. She loves to bead. She loves to write cards. She loves to stamp. And she loves to take photos.

Are you looking for cheap, crafty things to do with your kiddos to keep them from driving your batty? I stumbled across this blog the other day and thought it had some great and creative ideas for doing artsy types of things with kids and for repurposing all sorts of things around the house, too… […]

We all know the importance of getting our kids out-of-doors.  We’ve heard the studies about childhood obesity and ‘screen time’ in front of tvs and computers.  Of course, in Houston, it’s harder to get outside when temperatures are in high 90s.   But, we try occasionally anyways. When I started studying Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy […]

At our last visit to the library Kate was disappointed to discover that they didn’t have any ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’ DVDs on the shelf. (Do you remember that geography-sleuth kids’ gameshow on TV in the late 80s with the catchy intro song by the group, Rockapella? These are the cartoons along […]

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